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International Assessment and Accreditation Alliance


  • IAAA Certified Startup Advisor
  • IAAA Certified Brand Manager
  • IAAA Certified e-Commerce Pro

Domain professional

  • IAAA Certified  Dev-Ops Professional
  • IAAA Certified  Dev-Ops Expert
  • IAAA Testing Transformation Program
  • IAAA Agile Transformation Program
  • IAAA CSD (Certified Software Developer)
  • IAAA Certified PMO Professional
  • IAAA Certified ETL Professional


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selenium, jmeter

Key Certifications, Assessments and Transformation Programs


  • IAAA Certified Agile Scrum Master
  • IAAA Certified Agile Scrum Tester
  • IAAA Certified Agile Scrum Associate
  • IAAA AGOR (AgileOrganization)
  • IAAA TTP (Transformed Testing Practice)
  • IAAA Certified Innovative Startup
  • IAAA Startup Valuation 



agile scrum

  • IAAA CDP (Certified Domain Pro) BFSI, Payments, Lending
  • IAAA CDP (Certified Domain Pro) Insurance, Telecom, Health Care
  • IAAA (Certified Domain Pro) Retail, Aviation, Education, T&H


  • Process Audit, Quality
  • Tester, Test Lead/Manager
  • ETL, SOA, Network, TMO
  • Apply for IAAA NC (National Chapter) If your country is not listed in existing Chapters, National Chapter is one for each country  
  • Organizations: Become IAAA ASP (Accredited Service Provider), IAAA ATP (Accredited Training Provider), IAAA EP (Exam Provider), IAAA AAP (Accredited Assessment Provider), IAAA ATSP (Accredited Transformation Service Provider), IAAA CM (Corporate Member)
  • Individuals: Become IAAA CT (Certified Trainer), IAAA AA (Accredited Assessor) , IAAA CI (Certified Invigilator), IAAA IM (Individual Member)

Software Testing

  • IAAA Certified Professional - Selenium
  • IAAA Certified Specialist - Selenium
  • IAAA Certified Professional - JMeter
  • IAAA Certified Project Manager
  • IAAA Certified Program Manager
  • IAAA Certified Product Manager