Certified Agile Scrum Associate (IAAA: CASA)

  • Level: Elementary/Intermediate/Proficient/Senior  
  • Target Audience: Tester/Developer/Manager/Sr Manager/Business Analyst/System Analyst
  • ​What it covers: Required topics at all levels who are going to be associated with Agile/Scrum Team directly/indirectly
  • Level: Proficient/Senior  
  • Target Audience: Trainer, Manager, Sr Manager, Coach
  • ​What it covers: Certified Trainer is authorized to conduct Agile all 5 Agile Scrum trainings and exam
  • Level: Intermediate/Proficient/Senior  
  • Target Audience: Tester/Developer/Manager/Sr Manager/Business Analyst/System Analyst/Trainers
  • ​What it covers: Topics which an Agile Coach should understand before delivering Agile Coaching Sessions 
  • Level: Senior/Mid Senior/Proficient
  • Target Audience: Experienced Agile Professional 
  • ​What it covers: All aspects an Agile Transformation Pro should ideally equipped with before carrying out Agile Transformation for an enterprise

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Certified Agile Scrum Tester (IAAA: CAST)

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Certified Agile Scrum Master (IAAA: CASM)

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  • Level: Intermediate/Proficient  
  • Target Audience: Lead/Manager/Sr Manager 
  • ​What it covers: All aspects an Agile Scrum Master should ideally possess 

Certified Agile Scrum Coach (IAAA: CASC)

Certified Agile Transformation Architect (IAAA: CATA)

International Assessment and Accreditation Alliance

Certified Trainer Agile Scrum (IAAA: CT-AS)

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  • Level: Elementary/Intermediate
  • Target Audience: Tester/Sr Tester/Test Lead 
  • ​What it covers: A basic understanding of Agile Testing a testing professional should have before working in Agile/Scrum team

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  • IAAA: Certified Agile Transformation Architect
  • IAAA: Certified Agile Scrum Master
  • IAAA: Certified Agile Scrum Tester
  • IAAA: Certified Agile Scrum Associate
  • IAAA: Certified Agile Scrum Coach
  • ​​IAAA: Certified Trainer Agile Scrum

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Agile scrum certifications

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