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International Assessment and Accreditation Alliance
  • English & Soft-skills Learning Center (ESLC) is an organization which provides English & Soft-skills IAAA certifications 
  • People who wish to start Spoken English Institutes can apply for IAAA ESLC
  • Existing Spoken English institutes also can apply for IAAA ESLC
  • ESLC delivers IAAA designed English, Soft-skills and Business communication certifications 
  • Each candidate will receive IAAA Handbook, Certificate (after meeting the criteria) and logo to put on resume
  • ESLC is deemed EP, can provide all IAAA Certifications exams in their Learning Center 
  • ESLC earns decent fees in each exam and being ESLC is a great opportunity.
  • Open your own ESLC center (PAN India) and grab the opportunity 
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English & soft-skills learning center (Iaaa ESLC)

IAAA English & Soft-skills Learning Center IAAA ESLC