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International Assessment and Accreditation Alliance

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  • Certified Trainer (CT): is authorized to deliver training and certification for accredited topic
  • ​Accredited Assessors (AA): is authorized to conduct Assessments based on frameworks designed by IAAA
  • Certified Exam Invigilator (CEI): is authorized to conduct IAAA designed exams after getting associated with ATP (Accredited Training Provider) OR EP (Exam Provider)


  • National Chapter (NC): is authorized to provide all IAAA services for the country. NC is one per country
  • Accredited Training Provider (ATP): is authorized to deliver training and exam for accredited topics
  • Exam Provider (EP): is authorized to deliver exams. 
  • Accredited Assessment Provider (AAP): is authorized to conduct assessments through its Accredited Assessors (AA)
  • Accredited Transformation Service Provider (ATSP): is authorized to provide Transformation Service through its Certified Transformation Advisors.
  • If you are passionate about Assessments, Trainings & Certifications, IAAA brings you a unique opportunity to be part of IAAA family. 
  • IAAA portfolio consists of 100+ Certifications, 14+ Assessments, 02+ Transformation Programs to be associated with. Choose association type as per your interest/expertise from below and get in touch