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individual member (IM)

  • IAAA offer membership to Individuals as well as Corporates 
  • Navigate to Individual Membership (IM) or Corporate Membership (CM) page to know more

Memberships IAAA offer

  • Individual Members are the individuals who are associated with IAAA
  • Some of the IM benefits are listed below.                    

    corporate member benefits

  • CM gets access to various IAAA artifacts  like benchmarks, research papers, data insights, best practices, techno-domain paradigm shifts, industry enhancements, white papers, etc. to stay updated
  • CM gets personalized logo, certificate and access to share information on IAAA Global Forums. This empowers CM to have industry representation and to showcase leadership in the field by sharing various success stories on IAAA Global Forums (IAAA Channel, Website, Global Newsletter, Conferences, Seminars, Webinars, etc.) as relevant
  • CM gets discounts on all certifications, assessments and paid artifacts.
  • CM can have exams conducted in their premises for their employees (for >10 participants) 

corporate member (CM)​​

  • Corporate Members are the organizations who are associated with IAAA
  • Some of the CM benefits are listed below.                    

individual member (IM) benefits

  • IM gets discounts on all certification exams
  • IM gets access to various IAAA research work 
  • IM gets IAAA IM logo and ID Card to access various IAAA events across the globe 
  • IM gets knowledge bytes from IAAA on his/her interest area. By this member is always up to date with latest happenings in his/her domain

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